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Loyalty Scheme

Enjoy Six Massages,
Get One Half Price!

I'm delighted to introduce my Loyalty Scheme — to give something back to you, or to a friend or loved one.

Trevor, Registered Massage Therapist and trained in Cancer Touch Therapy massage

Giving back to You

Each time you book and enjoy a full-price massage it’ll count towards the Loyalty Scheme. Once you’ve collected six, you’ll be able to choose your next one from the selection available and enjoy it at HALF PRICE!

Or Give back to a Friend

Alternatively, you might like to donate your discounted massage to a friend or family member. Just let me know and I'll keep a record of who will be the fortunate recipient for when they make their booking.

“Spread love everywhere you go;
let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”

Mother Teresa

Please note: prices were revised for treatments from 1st January 2024, and a small change made to the Loyalty Scheme.

See my news article for details.

Terms and Conditions

Only massages charged at their usual full price count towards the Loyalty Scheme. Any treatments given under a promotional discount do not qualify.

After you have booked and received six qualifying massages, you can choose your next massage—a “reward massage”—from the then-current list of eligible treatments and enjoyed at half price. (*)

Currently, when redeeming your discounted treatment, you can choose one from:

To operate the Loyalty Scheme I note each full-price massage you book and receive on a record sheet — no fiddly loyalty cards for you to worry about bringing… or losing! 

I will keep your Loyalty Scheme records between your appointments for up to 12 months. If there is a gap of over 12 months since your most recent appointment then, as is explained in the Data Protection Policy, I’ll assume you are no longer using my services and securely dispose of the records. This includes your Loyalty Scheme Records, meaning any accumulated qualifying or reward massages will be lost.

These Terms and Conditions may be clarified or updated from time to time.

(*) If you were partway through collecting a set of six on 1st January 2024 you will receive its reward massage under the old scheme: free of charge. Afterward, you’ll be moved over to the revised scheme with subsequent reward massages at 50% discount.

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