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Prices & Loyalty Scheme

As you know, I’m committed to providing you with the best possible massage experience. Having managed, despite the Cost of Living Crisis, to hold my prices unchanged for the past two years I find it’s at last time for me to revise them along with a slight change to my Loyalty Scheme.


Revised Prices

From the 1st January 2024 I will be adjusting the price of my massage treatments as follows:

  • Massages up to £30 will see a price increase of £3 each;

  • Massages over £30 will experience a price increase of £5 each.

Loyalty Scheme Alteration

Previously, after six massages I’ve been able to offer you the next massage free of charge. From 1st January 2024 this will be changing so the seventh massage is instead at a 50% discount.

Any clients partway through collecting a set of six on 1st January 2024 will receive its reward massage free of charge, before being moved over to the revised scheme thereafter.


Thank you for being a valued part of the Mindful Massage community. I look forward to continuing to serve you with the utmost care and dedication.

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Love all Caring for you Trevor

The Mindful Massage, based in Ingleby Barwick

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