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Deep Tissue Massage

It’s with great pleasure I can announce that I now hold a Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner Diploma.

Trevor, with his Deep Tissue Massage certificate, standing at his massage table.

The purpose of a Deep Tissue Massage is to release muscle fibres that have become “stuck” in order to remove toxins and to encourage blood to circulate again. With a deep tissue massage different techniques are used to work beyond the superficial muscles, usually in a specific area.

Deep tissue techniques can be incorporated into any of the treatments I offer. Please let me know any problem areas you may have when booking.

Deep Tissue Massage has many benefits:

  • Improving blood flow to muscles

  • Breaking down and reducing adhesions

  • Aiming to improve postural faults

  • Relieving muscle spasm and tension

  • Improving the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to muscles

  • Reducing stress on other muscle groups, which may be overcompensating for the problem area

  • Loosening the fascia of the muscle

  • Increasing the range of motion (ROM) in joints

Please contact me to book, or if you have any questions.

Prices for Deep Tissue Massages

Full body (60 mins) £45

Back, neck and shoulders (40 mins) £30

Upgrade to include two beautiful Made for Life Organics products +£5

Please contact me to book, or if you have any questions.



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