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Spa @ Home

My Spa @ Home service is available to existing and new clients!

Several people have asked me whether it would be possible to have a “mini Spa” session at their home — a time when friends and family can enjoy treatments whilst having fun and sharing quality time together, during either the day or evening.

A woman lying on a massage bed and enjoying a facial massage.

So I’ve put together a Spa @ Home menu of 30-minute treatments for you and your family/friends to enjoy together in the comfort of your home. All the treatments are focused on relaxation and improving well-being and health.

Just select which treatment(s) you’d each like and let me know when booking. I’ll bring my massage bed and products to your home, where you’ll all be able to enjoy your treatments in turn as you relax and chat.

Have a special day or evening together while taking care of yourself and your loved ones!

Please Note:

  • For a Spa @ Home visit you and your friends need to choose a total of at least 4 treatments from the Spa @ Home menu when you contact me to book.

  • Please make sure you have somewhere easily accessible — ideally on the ground floor — with sufficient space for my massage bed and for me to work around it.

  • And because of ever-increasing fuel costs, I’ll need to make a small additional surcharge of £5 for Spa @ Home visits that are over 5 miles away from my location in Ingleby Barwick.



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