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Cancer/Light Touch Therapy

It’s with great pleasure I can announce that I have now gained my Certificate of Excellence in Cancer/Light Touch Therapy. I am also now registered with SATCC (the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care).

Trevor, standing behind his framed Cancer Touch Therapy diploma.

The Cancer Touch Therapy course is run is association with the Made For Life Foundation, a charitable organisation which was founded in 2008 by Amanda Winwood, the Managing Director of Made For Life Organics. It has been accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and enables me to deliver a truly relaxing and therapeutic treatment to a patient at any stage of cancer.

Despite its name, Cancer/Light Touch Therapy is not just for those suffering from Cancer, or in remission from Cancer! It can also be a huge benefit for people of all ages suffering with other long-term or limiting conditions. It can help people suffering from problems sleeping, anxiety, stress, depression or other mental health challenges. It uses slow, soothing, rhythmic massage techniques providing complete tranquility and relaxation promoting a sense of well-being.

Light Touch Therapy treatments can be beneficial to anyone

Touch Therapy uses slow, soothing, rhythmic massage techniques providing complete tranquility and relaxation promoting a sense of well-being. To support and enhance the techniques, I use Made for Life Organics products from the Made For Life Foundation with Touch Therapy.

Light Touch Therapy treatments can also be beneficial to anyone, of all ages — helping to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being and bringing harmony to the mind and body.

The Made For Life Foundation centres on the simple belief that humans and well-being are linked inextricably to nature and a kind approach. The Made for Life Organics brand are all 100% organic products free from preservatives and man-made chemicals so are safe to use on sensitive and sensitised skin, and can also help restore well-being. The products are also safe to use during pregnancy and on infants over 3 months. They are all hand-made in Cornwall in small batches.

Logo of Made for Life Organics, Cornwall

Made for Life products are also 100% Vegetarian, with some of the range being suitable for Vegans. They are all certified by the international Leaping Bunny Programme: the most trusted cruelty-free certification for non-animal tested products.

100% Organic 100% Vegetarian Cruelty-free non-animal tested

A selection of the Made for Life products can be incorporated into most of the treatments I offer for only a small additional cost should you wish to experience these beautiful products. All of the Cancer Touch Therapy treatments I offer use nothing but Made for Life products.

I look forward to delivering these beautiful, soothing and relaxing treatments to you: all combined with the Made for Life Organics balms and oils, allowing your body and mind to drift away to that special place.



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